Wednesday, 20 August 2008

fireline braided bead thread

I've been making a tubular herringbone stitch necklace and decided to use Fireline braided bead thread instead of Nymo or Superlon for a change - mainly because it was smoke grey and suited the beads.  I have to say the fireline is a much better thread for bead stitching as even working with a 1.5m length it hasn't tangled or knotted once. the thread is also much easier to secure as it is not as slippy as Nymo.  I'm using size D for size 11 beads and bugles and am able to go through each bead several times. 

Monday, 4 August 2008


I've just had flyers designed for the bead fair at the end of August. I'm demonstrating on Bead Crazy's stand and will have my new book 'the Beader's Bible' on sale. Maxine, the owner of Bead Crazy has had a look through the book and thinks it's fantastic so I hope you will too! the book isn't actually published until November but you have the opportunity to buy it in advance at the Bead Fair and it will be signed! Looking forward to seeing you there.