Monday, 31 August 2009

Launch of the Ultimate Necklace Maker

Just recovering today after a very successful trip to the Scottish Bead Fair. I was demonstrating in a conference room complete with camera, large screen behind me and a 'madona' mike. Luckily I didn't feel inclined to burst into song! It was a bit nervy really as the audience were all staring at the screen above my head so difficult to interact but I got good feedback for both demos and sold lots of books. I also got plenty of really positive feedback from The Beader's Bible - people saying they used it all the time and recommended to everyone. Let's hope The Ultimate Necklace Maker goes the same way!

Friday, 28 August 2009

I was at a bead workshop yesterday in Edinburgh - it was an advanced! workshop by american author Laura McCabe. Really enjoyed it and learnt some new techniques using my favourite bead bead stitch - herringbone. I also found out how to create a seed bead surround for cabochons which was fantastic. Laura works in a very individual style - bit too ornate for me but lets see what I come up with using the same techniques.