Thursday, 24 July 2008

Scottish Bead Show

I was over in Perth yesterday at Bead Crazy a fab bead shop. Maxine the owner has collected together a fantastic range of beads and I bought lots for my next book. Everytime I go there are lots of new beads which is great. I'm going to be demonstrating at the Scottish Bead show at the end of August for Bead Crazy  as well as signing copies of my new book - the Beader's Bible so hope to see you there!

Monday, 21 July 2008

illusion necklaces

One of the challenges of writing books is that you are always stretching yourself and researching to make things you haven't done before. So I've been learning how to make an advanced illusion necklace and it seems that there is no 'correct' method. I've looped the thread through some beads but need glue to secure. I have used gel superglue for simple necklaces where I thought crimps were too invasive but found the beads didn't stay secure for a long time. Some research on forums this time came up with a trade version of superglue which has good reviews and people who've used the glue say it lasts for years and years. It's called Hot Stuff super 't' and the bottle has a yellow label. I'm please so far and surprised that the nozzle hasn't clogged  - a major problem with retail superglue. 

Friday, 18 July 2008

how time flies

it's incredible that 10 days have passed since I last wrote - I've been busy with a few cardmaking projects for the magazines but also managed  get the step photography done for the advances of my next book. I'm using a new photographer, Ally Stuart, as I've moved up to Scotland and it's easier well less travel! I found Ally when I was asked to find a photographer nearby for the step photography in the cardmaking magazines. If you look at Quick Cards and Cardmaking and Papercraft step pics you'll see my hands! It's quite an exhausting day as I have to 'make' other designers cards as well as my own but things usually go fairly smoothly.

Anyway back to the book - we've decided to follow up the Beader's Bible with a jewellery book - the projects are mainly necklaces and I think the theme of the book is really great. I'll let you know a bit more nearer publication...  Last week I spent a lot of  time on the internet looking for exciting beads and found some stunning huge resin beads from Kars. I've used two on a necklace I designed yesterday and will definitely be using more at a later stage.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

It's been a busy week or two as I've been sorting out a new kitchen and carpets for my mum's house but luckily that has all gone smoothly and I can get back to work! I'm currently working on a new beading book for David and Charles which focuses on necklace styles so I've spent most of today searching for beads and have found some gorgeous big resin beads on the Kars website. I thought their metal beads were also beautiful and have ordered lots of different styles. I find it quite difficult choosing beads online, it's hard to judge the size and colours and I usually end up buying more than I need, or else not enough and have to reorder but the advantage is the huge variety. I've got a good idea what I'm going to do for each necklace - it's just a case of collecting suitable beads and then playing about until the design comes together.