Friday, 18 July 2008

how time flies

it's incredible that 10 days have passed since I last wrote - I've been busy with a few cardmaking projects for the magazines but also managed  get the step photography done for the advances of my next book. I'm using a new photographer, Ally Stuart, as I've moved up to Scotland and it's easier well less travel! I found Ally when I was asked to find a photographer nearby for the step photography in the cardmaking magazines. If you look at Quick Cards and Cardmaking and Papercraft step pics you'll see my hands! It's quite an exhausting day as I have to 'make' other designers cards as well as my own but things usually go fairly smoothly.

Anyway back to the book - we've decided to follow up the Beader's Bible with a jewellery book - the projects are mainly necklaces and I think the theme of the book is really great. I'll let you know a bit more nearer publication...  Last week I spent a lot of  time on the internet looking for exciting beads and found some stunning huge resin beads from Kars. I've used two on a necklace I designed yesterday and will definitely be using more at a later stage.

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