Monday, 21 July 2008

illusion necklaces

One of the challenges of writing books is that you are always stretching yourself and researching to make things you haven't done before. So I've been learning how to make an advanced illusion necklace and it seems that there is no 'correct' method. I've looped the thread through some beads but need glue to secure. I have used gel superglue for simple necklaces where I thought crimps were too invasive but found the beads didn't stay secure for a long time. Some research on forums this time came up with a trade version of superglue which has good reviews and people who've used the glue say it lasts for years and years. It's called Hot Stuff super 't' and the bottle has a yellow label. I'm please so far and surprised that the nozzle hasn't clogged  - a major problem with retail superglue. 

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