Tuesday, 8 July 2008

It's been a busy week or two as I've been sorting out a new kitchen and carpets for my mum's house but luckily that has all gone smoothly and I can get back to work! I'm currently working on a new beading book for David and Charles which focuses on necklace styles so I've spent most of today searching for beads and have found some gorgeous big resin beads on the Kars website. I thought their metal beads were also beautiful and have ordered lots of different styles. I find it quite difficult choosing beads online, it's hard to judge the size and colours and I usually end up buying more than I need, or else not enough and have to reorder but the advantage is the huge variety. I've got a good idea what I'm going to do for each necklace - it's just a case of collecting suitable beads and then playing about until the design comes together.

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